The Great Ideas Program

Recently I began rereading parts of The Great Books of the Western World guided by The Great Ideas Program. The latter has ten volumes:
1. An Introduction to The Great Books and to a Liberal Education
2. The Development of Political Theory and Government
3. Foundations of Science and Mathematics
4. Religion and Theology
5. Philosophy of Law and Jurisprudence
6. Imaginative Literature I
7. Imaginative Literature II
8. Ethics: The Story of Moral Values
9. Biology, Psychology, and Medicine
10. Philosophy

I finished volume 1 about the same time as I decided to rename my blog, which had started as Open Theism and was currently Pauline Studies. Concurrent with my renaming it Bob’s Corner, I decided to post in it reports on my readings in The Great Ideas Program in weeks when our Life group doesn’t meet, including during its summer break.


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