Some Websites on Open Theism

In my first post, “An Introduction to Open Theism,” I recommended these websites on open theism, the first two supporting and the third opposing open theism: Open Theism Information Site, ReKnew – Open Theism, and The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry – Open Theism. In this post I’ll describe them and give links to a few other websites or blogs about or with significant material on open theism.

Open Theism Information Site

As its name indicates, Open Theism Information Site contains information about open theism. It has these sections: Home, Information, Publications, Questions, Opposition, and Contact. Home features a definition and summary of open theism by John Sanders, author of The God Who Risks. Information contains items favouring open theism by Gregory Boyd, William Hasker, Clark Pinnock, John Sanders. and other scholars and an enlightening debate about open theism between John Sanders and Christopher A. Hall, “Does God know Your Next Move?” Publications lists several books on open theism and related topics by various authors. Questions contains answers to various questions submitted by visitors to the site. Opposition contains a few items opposing open theism.

ReKnew – Open Theism

ReKnew is the website of Greg A. Boyd, the author of God of the Possible. Its Resources / Essays / Open Theism section contains several items, one of which I especially recommend to anyone wanting to know what open theism is, “A Brief Outline and Defense of the Open View.” The other items are more advanced.

CARM – Open Theism

For more material opposing open theism, see Open Theism at Matt Slick’s The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM). It has four sections: Introduction, describing open theism; Issues and Answers, criticising open theism; Scriptures Examined, explaining Bible passages cited by open theists as evidence that God learns; and “A Dialogue with an Open Theist.”

My high opinion of these websites is indicated by my having printed much of the material at each of them.

Two Blogs about or with Significant Material about Open Theism

Kent Viklund’s nOFuTuRe is devoted to open theism. Its posts are easy to understand and personal. For health reasons Kent hasn’t made any posts for a couple years, but he hopes to resume making them. I’m looking forward to reading his new posts.

As its name suggests, Glenn Reed’s Splat’s Musings contains a variety of interesting material, including several posts expressing open theistic views. For technical reasons Glenn is currently rebuilding Splat’s Musings, but he plans to eventually move it to another site that he’s working on.

Two Websites for Discussing Open Theism

I’m registered at two websites that host discussions of open theism, Facebook – Open
View Theists and Open Theism Discussion Board.

I joined Facebook so that I could participate in its Open View Theists group and I do so regularly. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn more about and/or to discuss open theism. Its longtime members may clash with each other over differences of opinion but so far they’ve been quite kind in their interactions with me, and I’m sure that they’d be the same with other newcomers. I also visit and contribute to discussions at Open Theism Discussion Board occasionally.

Three Reference Websites with “Open Theism” Entries

Many descriptions of open theism occur on the Internet. These three are at standard reference websites:
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy – Open Theism
Theopedia – Open Theism
Wikipedia – Open Theism

I’d appreciate your telling me, either in a comment on this article or by e-mail, of other websites or blogs about or with significant material on open theism.

Next weekend I’ll begin a series of posts expanding on what I said about traditional theism in “An Introduction to Open Theism.”


4 thoughts on “Some Websites on Open Theism

    1. Bob Hunter Post author

      Thanks, Allison. Of the websites that I described in the post, the ones that I’d recommend most to ones wanting to know the basic pros and cons of open theism are the three that I recommended in “An Introduction to Open Theism” and Facebook’s Open View Theists.

  1. Bob Hunter Post author

    My post needs an update but I’m too busy (or lazy) to make it now. Instead I’ll comment on it here.

    I still have these websites referred to in the post bookmarked:
    Open Theism Information Site
    ReKnew – Open Theism (actually I have ReKnew itself bookmarked)
    The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry – Open Theism
    Facebook – Open View Theists (actually I have Facebook itself bookmarked)
    Open Theism Discussion Board
    The two that I visit most are Open Theism Information Site and Facebook – Open View Theists.

    I no longer have these websites referred to in the post bookmarked:
    Splat’s Musings
    Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy – Open Theism
    Theopedia – Open Theism
    Wikipedia – Open Theism
    The first two are still static or almost static, and the other three are just individual articles on open theism.

    I also still have this website bookmarked which I had bookmarked when I wrote the post but didn’t include in the post because several of the links in it don’t work:

    I’ve bookmarked these websites since writing the post:
    At least one of them was recommended in a comment at Facebook – Open View Theists.

    As I mentioned in the article, I’d appreciate readers recommending other websites and blogs with significant material on open theism to me.


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